Festival Pulau Tukang Besi, Wakatobi

This festival highlights one of the most important aspects of the Wakatobi identity. In the past, the chain of islands now known as Wakatobi, used to be called “Pulau Tukang Besi”—the Blacksmith Archipelago. This form of craftsmanship is still very important today. The island of Binongko, which has by far the highest number of blacksmiths, celebrates this cultural and economic pillar of their society every year, usually in April or March.

The blacksmiths on Binongko are praised for the quality of their parang (machetes), which are sold all over Indonesia. During the festival the entire production process is demonstrated and the elders recite the underlying philosophy behind the craft. Numerous traditional games are also held as part of this unique festival.

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