Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet, Wakatobi boasts an abundance of marine wealth and perhaps the clearest water in the world. Besides world-class diving, many lonely islands, unspoiled by tourism, await your arrival.


Little Bandaneira, on Pulau Neira, is the Bandas’ main port and administrative centre. In the Dutch era the perkeniers virtually bankrupted themselves maintaining a European lifestyle, even after the end of the nutmeg monopoly made that untenable. Today, a fair amount of colonial-era architecture still lines Bandaneira’s sleepy, flower-filled streets. It’s a charming place to wander aimlessly, admire tumbledown Dutch villas, ponder mouldering ruins, watch glorious cloudscapes over Gunung Api and trip over discarded cannon lolling in the grass.


This dusty, enchanting harbour town is perpetually being upgraded to cope with more travellers. It’s the jumping-off point to see prehistoric dragons at Komodo National Park and be awed by world-class diving, and those who stay a little longer fall in love with ‘Bajo’ (attested to by a healthy expat community).


Cenderawasih Bay is a the largest marine national park in Indonesia, from Wondama Bay to Nabire West Papua. The entire area is unspoiled and basically uninhabited. The diving is unique and diverse, and known for its resident whale shark population.

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