by Maharani Devi

Hello Travelers!

For those of you who aren’t used to swim in the open ocean may not feel comfortable snorkeling for the first time. But don’t worry! Putra Tomia will give you some tips to make you enjoy snorkeling for the first time!

First thing you must know, the dictionary defines snorkeling as a practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask and usually fins. So, the snorkeling equipment allows you to breathe while swimming on the surface of the ocean. Fyi, Putra Tomia offers the good quality of snorkeling and diving gears.

5 Tips for Snorkeling with Putra Tomia Live on Board:

  1. Check if your snorkeling equipment is complete

Make sure you have all the equipment you need, such as mask, snorkel and fins. Most importantly make sure all your snorkeling equipment fits you! We don’t want any water to seep in our mask, right?

And if you’re worrying about the quality of the snorkeling equipment during a trip, don’t be! Putra Tomia guarantee to provide the best quality of snorkeling equipment. We sterilized and check the equipment routinely so anyone will feel comfortable while using.

  • Equipment Trial

After making sure your equipment works and fits, do a test run. Get yourself used to the feeling of swimming and breathing in and out through the snorkel mask.

Don’t forget to keep your snorkel floating on the top!

  • Keep Floating

Just keep floating! Try snorkeling in a horizontal position. Snorkeling is more about floating than swimming. Snorkeling does not require any special training, major expenses or strong physical effort, so anyone can do it!

If you are still afraid because it is your first time snorkeling, don’t worry! Putra Tomia will make sure that you will have a safe snorkeling experience with us. You will not be alone, Putra Tomia’s dive master will watch over you and keep you safe!

  • Choose a Good Location

For first timer, try to snorkel in a place that has calm waters. Waves would not be our best friend when it comes to snorkeling. Choose a spot that has a lot of enchanting things to see.

Putra Tomia will take you to an enchanting snorkeling adventure! We sure will take you to the best snorkeling spot in Wakatobi islands!

  • Relax and Enjoy

RELAX! Don’t panic. Snorkeling is the most relaxing activity you will ever find. Floating in the surface of the ocean while seeing lots of amazing creatures underwater. Fantastic!

Don’t forget to capture all the amazing moments! J

Do’s and Don’ts for first-timer snorkelers!

DON’T PANIC and drag any nearest person next to you. We don’t want all our surroundings having panic attack, right? Instead inhale deeply and call for help.

DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. Some marine creatures could be a life threatening even if the creatures look squishy and all cute.

DON’T SNORKEL ALONE. Remember, snorkeling is a little bit different activity than swimming in a pool. You don’t have to worry by getting poisoned by touching things or by swimming around the pool. Try snorkeling with a more experienced person, we never know what we’ll face in an open ocean.

DO GET TO KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Before you jump out to the ocean, make sure you ask anyone who had experience snorkeling there. Are there any harmful creatures or rocks that could hurt you? Make sure you know well-enough about your surroundings.

I hope these tips will be helpful for your snorkeling experience! Remember, the key of snorkeling is FULLY RELAX! J

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