Putra Tomia supports local community in Bajo Sampela Village. Family founder of Putra Tomia is originally from Bajo Sampela, a sea gypsy.

We designed our tour activities to visit Bajo Sampela village. We will ask you to give a donation for the local community. We give a chance for our guest to meet and sharing with locals. Guest may brings some candies for kids and books.

Meet our team

Bardin Tandiono

Founder and Operational Manager

Achmad Rifqi

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Budianto Tandiono

Executive Director & Dive Master

Our Story

Putra Tomia was established in 2018, Achmad Rifqi and his fellow friend Bardin Tandiono has an idea to create an open trip sailing tour with phinisi boat. Achmad Rifqi was first meeting with Bardin Tandiono in the hidden paradise of Teluk Cenderawasih National Park. It was his idea to provide an affordable boat services in Eastern of Indonesia Islands. Looking for any opportunities that everyone now can experience the living on board experience. A man who is familiarly called Om Bardin, is a Marine Operation Coordinator and also the captain of the Motor Ship (KM) Gurano Bintang. KM Gurano Bintang is a ship with WWF-Indonesia’s education and health mission serving remote villages along the waters of the Cenderawasih Bay National Park (TNTC), Papua. He is tasked with ensuring the safety, safety and effectiveness of ship operations, as well as supporting monitoring and education activities.

In carrying out his duties, Om Bardin had a memorable experience, namely running out of ship’s fuel, thus making him and the team adrift at sea for several hours waiting for a fishing boat to come to help. Not only that, while accompanying the monitoring team and researchers, Om Bardin was very lucky to be able to meet the whale shark, the fish that was recorded as the largest fish in the world! The blazing sun, storm, rain and waves are not obstacles for Om Bardin. “One day, when I shared a story with the children, there was one of those who dreamed of becoming a captain of the WWF. I was touched by this,” he said.

Putra Tomia is originally coming from the place where Om Bardin was born, he was born in Tomia Island. It is one of the most popular dive site in Wakatobi. Wakatobi was established as National Park in 1996. The National Park includes the islands of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko and covers a total area of 1.39 million ha. In terms of diversity of marine life, scale, and reef condition, Wakatobi ranks as one of the highest priorities for marine conservation in Indonesia. It is also a logical centerpiece for a network of mutually-replenishing MPAs along the southeastern coast of Sulawesi.