From first-hand encounters with Coral Gardens to explorations of the stunning national parks of the Wakatobi and Banda Sea and snorkeling alongside the Dolphins, Manta rays and whale sharks, guests of Putra Tomia will experience the spontaneous warmth of Indonesian culture. Introducing, Putra Tomia, a pinisi boat sailing experience in East Indonesian. Putra Tomia delivers an affordable pinisi boat experience.

A flexible approach to local hospitality with genuine service and unparalleled regional expertise, creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. With the region’s leading professionals as host, Putra Tomia has carved, a niche as the most affordable pinisi boat charter experience in the Indonesian archipelago. Four spacious, above deck double cabins provide a floating sharing accommodation experience, with a 1:1 crew to guest ratio, set against the backdrop of the raw beauty of the East Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country of the world. Thousands of islands spawn extensively from the west to the east corners of the country resembling an emerald belt glimmering along the equator with the blue sea linking one island to the other. It is a country of impressively vast waters that makes it home to the amazingly unbeatable maritime people. The superiority and bravery of the sailors of the archipelagic country of Nusantara had etched their reputation for centuries across seas and lands.

Boats had been known by our ancestors since several centuries ago as vital means of transportation as well as battle troops. One of the reliefs in the Borobudur temple shows the importance of the role of boats at the time. The relief depicts quite a sizeable boat with double masts and outriggers. This boat illustrates the glory of the Sriwijaya kingdom at the time.

The expertise and bravery in sailing the seas inherited from our ancestors are evident in the people of Bugis – Makassar even up to these days. They are renowned as masterful sailors and heirs of the maritime nation of Indonesia. So, Internalized is the maritime spirit in the Bugis – Makassar people that it is reflected in the popular saying of “Kualleangi Tallanga Na Talia” which means “Better die drowned rather than sail back to the land”. Not only are they experts in sailing the seas, they are also renowned for their expertise in building their reliable traditional boats. One sample of their masterful work that has become quite legendary is the Pinisi Boat.

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